Leyte Park Resort Hotel: Marabut Marine Park


Marabut Marine Park

The Marabut Marine Park Beach Resort is a satellite resort of the Leyte Park Resort-Hotel. Marabut Marine Park Beach Resort is located in Marabut, Western Samar, a jewel in the sun and sand of picturesque San Pedro Bay. It boasts of towering rock islets with secluded beach coves.

The MARABUT MARINE PARK BEACH RESORT presently with 10 non-aircon room but with individual toilet. It is located about 50 minutes ride from Leyte Park Resort either by land transport or the native pump boat which is anchored in our Marina area within the hotel premises.

Day excursions are also organized from the Leyte Park on board the various seacrafts like tourist pump boats. A catamaran cruise boat is also available for big groups, dropping anchor at the various islets dotting the marine park.

Marabut Marine Park

It has presently 5 duplex cottages (10 non-aircon rooms) made of indigenous materials that blend with the marine environment while retaining the comforts and amenities of a class A resort.

The surrounding waters is rich in marine flora and fauna, truly a diver's paradise. Activities are limitless according to one's fancy and taste...... Scuba Diving or Snorkeling......

Sea Kayaking....... Sailing a local "Subiran" boat....... or simply lazing on the sandy beaches......

Beach front accommodation made from selected indigenous materials afford a breathtaking view of the towering rock cliffs and the unique seascape of the bay.

And seafood galore!
They come in fresh from the sea everyday.

Marabut Marine Park

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